Peaceful Postures



Friday, May 17, 7:00-8:30 pm $15 Suggested donation

Hudson Valley Healing Center,51 Springside Ave., Poughkeepsie


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The Chinese philosophy of Taoism is an incredibly simple understanding of how the universe works, giving us a guidebook for practice and daily activity.   Taoism could be considered the philosophical Mother of Qigong – an ideology with far more practical activities than dogma.

This workshop will explain the Taoist principles that show us how to live a simple, balanced life. Participants will hear Taoist legends that touch the heart, as well as learn Taoist practices that promote health and serenity. We will also experience a genuine Chinese Gong-fu Tea ceremony with very special Pu-erh tea, sometimes called “The Tea of Qi,”  from the Yunan Province. The ceremony itself truly allows us to experience and understand the simplicity, charm, and practicality of living a Taoist life.


Winnie-the-Pooh was a Taoist!


*While Eeyore frets…

…and Piglet hesitates

…and Rabbit calculates

…and Owl pontificates

…Pooh just is     And that’s a clue to the secret wisdom of the Taoist


 *From The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff




Saturday, June 1 9:00 am-12:00 pm, (Rain date June 15!)

Hudson Valley Healing Center & Vanderbilt Mansion Park

$25 pre-register, $30 at the door. 

(The first hour will be in the studio, then we'll procedd to Vanderbilt Mansion Park, Route 9, Hyde Park)

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There is something silent, mystical, and magical about the forest.  When we enter the woods and walk among trees, we enter another world - a place where we not only feel safe and comfortable, but we also feel healed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Those giants that we walk among are powerhouses of life-supporting gifts. In this workshop we will explore methods to tap into this incredible power source and learn how the energy in specific trees can benefit different organs, as well as our emotions - and our friends, the trees, are happy to share it!  The ancient Taoist instruction,  “breathe the air of trees” becomes the starting point of a Five-Element practice that includes postures and breathing methods, as well as ways to identify the right tree for your specific need. Step into the forest and experience a world of beauty and inner peace. 






Saturday, May 18

Yoga Nidra in the Salt Cave!

11 am - 12 pm

Hudson Valley Healing Center, 51 Springside Ave, Poughkeepsie

 $45 (Includes salt therapy!)

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What is it? Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep.” It is a state of profound stillness and peace in which the body is in the deepest state of relaxation, yet the mind is awake.


How does it work?

 Practitioners are led through a series of techniques using body, breath, and awareness, resulting in deep physical relaxation, subtler mental states, and eventual stilling of the mind. In this expansive state beyond the restrictions of the mind, old reactive patterns and stresses are effortlessly dissolved. We then consciously use an intention to redirect our energy and steer our life in whatever direction we want to go. This simple practice is usually done lying on the floor.


What will it do for me?

As old patterns and stresses are released, the practitioner is freed to function in life with greater clarity and inner joy. Through the use of intention, every thought and action begins to be a graceful expression of our life’s deepest purpose.


WHAT WILL EACH CLASS CONSIST OF? Short discussion Easy yoga postures to relax the body 35 -45 minute yoga nidra experience Time to journal and share experiences




Weekend Workshops!

Specific topics TBA

On-site, specially designed programs for stress reduction, emotional balance, and more are available.


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